Wedding Halls & Wedding Venues Fit for a King & Queen Khartoum Sudan

Why choosing the right Wedding Hall is very important?

Almost every aspect of the wedding is an option, from that tough choice between two perfect wedding halls to a tall wedding cake, to all the glitter and glamour that goes with that special wedding day.

You want it all, but don’t delay in making an air tight plan that will make this memorable day shine from years to come.

Just think for a moment, is anything really that easy in a wedding where two families come together to celebrate their children’s union…not really.

And for good reason, there is a lot going on that special day. Figuring out, when and where you will have that special day/night celebration can be a little challenging.

Before you start planning where you are going to have the wedding, try talking to a wedding planner first.

If you have the time, narrow down 3 to 5 places that are accessible for both families.

Is the wedding hall close to major highways, maybe even from the airport, for guests flying in, you don’t want them having difficulty or driving a long distance to find your wedding venue.


You need to think about how many people will be attending this wedding function/reception.

Do the wedding halls you shortlisted you have lots of space and can the layout be transformed in to what you want the day of the wedding.

Take a deep breath…

Close your eyes and think about what you want the wedding venue to look and feel like.

How do you want to feel when you are there? How do you want your guests to feel when they are there?

Simple, Royal or Majestic?

Maybe simple in function but Royal in terms of ambiance and decoration.

Does your theme of the wedding embrace a Majestic touch to enthrall the guests in to a wow feelign for the event?

Lots of little and big things to consider.

Do you want a hall that is large but yet comfortable and cozy for your guests? A right wedding hall can give you and your guests that feeling.

And this brings us to how many guests have you sent our your wedding invitations to? There is nothing worse than guests packed into a hall like sardines, it just doesn’t look or feel good. Everyone is dressed with layers of clothes, last thing you want your guests to be suffocated and tense.

Make a strong list of the families, friends and work colleagues you will invite to the wedding. (your parents will add on to this list)

One of the biggest headaches you can avoid is making sure you go through that list several times and confirm who will be attending your wedding.

You will have a better understanding of how large of space you need for your wedding.

We will not leave your wedding day up to chance.

Zafaf Halls is changing the way brides to be and grooms to be choose wedding halls and wedding venues in Khartoum Sudan.